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Important28 June 2018 11:10

We are with Moldova - speaker of U.S. House of Representatives says

“On behalf of the US Congress, we strongly support the Transatlantic Alliance in ensuring the sovereignty and security of Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia. We know that there are electoral exercises, and the risk of Russian interference is very high, which is why we will help you multidimensionally, “said Paul Ryan, Speaker of the House of Representatives, US Congress, at a meeting with Andrian Candu and his counterparts from Georgia and Ukraine, the parliament’s communication and public relations department has reported.

The US official siad he understood the situation in the region, the hybrid war, noting that the interest of the United States is for the three countries to be independent, without external interference, to develop and approach the West, because this is the only way to ensure the prosperity of the citizens. “We are with” he said.

He shared concerns of the leaders of the three parliaments on the Nord Stream2 project, which he described as political and not economic, capable of affecting the energy security in the area. “We can be part of the energy solution for Europe through the liquefied natural gas terminal system”, he said.

For his part, Candu thanked Ryan for support and involvement, as well as both houses of the US Congress for full commitment to Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine. He said that Moldova wants to be part of the free and democratic world and appreciates the encouragement messages and support from the United States to our country. In the context, Candu requested the voting of the two US Congress resolutions supporting the Republic of Moldova, one of the documents aimed at the presence of Russian troops in Moldova, Ukraine and Georgia.

Candu along with his counterparts from Ukraine and Georgia, accompanied by the Lithuanian speaker and deputy speaker of Poland, is paying a visit to the USA for the first time on 25 June- 1 July to demand full and active US involvement in the region.

This visit comes after the joint commitment to promoting security policies and reforms for the European integration of the three Eastern Partnership champions assumed at the 2 March Conference in Chisinau and institutionalized in Kiev by creating the interparliamentary Assembly of Moldova, Ukraine, Georgia.

Last week, a resolution was passed in the US Congress in support of Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine, and the UN adopted the resolution calling on the Russian Federation to withdraw troops from the territory of the Republic of Moldova.



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