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Breaking news8 February 2018 15:38

Moldovan parliament condemns Russia's attacks on national information security, abusive interference with political activity in Moldova

The parliament today adopted a Declaration, thereby condemning the attacks of Russia against the national information security and abusive interference with the political activity in Moldova. The document was voted by the majority of the lawmakers present at the meeting. The MPs of the factions of the Party of Socialists (PSRM) and Party of Communists (PCRM) boycotted the plenary meeting.  

The initiative belongs to a group of lawmakers of the Democratic Party (PDM) and is meant to condemn Russia’s interference with the internal affairs of Moldova.

“We condemn the denigrating statements of Russia against Moldova and its citizens, blockages imposed on Moldovan exporters, political harassment of Moldovan officials, including of some representatives of Moldova’s parliament and government. This represents a downright involvement of the Moscow political circles and even of Russian institutions in the politics from our country and shows a provocative and unfriendly attitude towards Moldova,” the declaration reads.

In the same document, the MPs express concern about “the involvement of entities from Russia in the political activity from Moldova by patronizing left-wing parties and undemocratic influencing of the vote the Moldovans are to give.”

At the same time, the lawmakers appealed to the high-ranking decision-makers of Russia to intervene in order to cease all these abuses and campaigns of denigrating Moldova, stopping any form of backing political parties from our country, noting that their financing from external sources is illegal, just as their support by other ways.

The PSRM MPs criticized PDM’s initiative and walked out of the session hall.

On 24 January 2018, the State Duma of Russia adopted a declaration on the inadmissibility of the discrimination of the Russian mass media in Moldova. The Russian lawmakers invoked the fact that the ban on the broadcasting of the Russian analytical programmes in Moldova was a violation of the international legal norms in the field of free access to information. Also, the Russian MPs described the adoption of the anti-propaganda law in Chisinau as “another anti-Russian act.”



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