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Breaking news6 February 2018 12:13

Moldovan Party of Socialists unveils faction's activity programme for current parliamentary session

The leader of the Party of Socialists (PSRM) Zinaida Grecianii, today unveiled the PSRM parliamentary faction’s activity programme for the 2018 spring-summer session of the parliament.

The Socialists’ leader set forth the basic components of the programme. It contains more legislative initiatives worked out by MPs of the PSRM faction, due to be registered in parliament. “In terms of Political Sector. Neutrality. Statehood, the main initiatives refer to the replacement of the study discipline History of Romanians by the History of Moldova and the ban of the unionist meetings and demonstrations. Also, we will focus on the promotion of the Declaration on Moldova’s permanent neutrality. At the same time, as for the Social Assistance, Education, Health sectors, we will demand the indexation of pensions by 20 per cent twice a year till the reaching of the subsistence minimum, ensuring all conditions for the employment of invalids and increase in their allowance by ten per cent,” Grecianii said.

Also, the PSRM leader said that there would be more legislative initiatives on establishing a moratorium on the closing of schools and medical institutions in Moldova. “We will initiate revision and diminution of prices for medical services provided by the public medical and sanitary institutions, as well as of the prices for medicines in drug stores. A priority is also increase in the value of one-off compensations for young specialists and their exemption from the payment of the income tax during three years after graduation,” Zinaida Grecianii said.

“As for Economics, we are set to hear the management of the National Bank of Moldova concerning the Kroll-2 report and hearing the leadership of the National Energy Regulatory Agency (ANRE) about the increased tariffs for natural gas for household consumers. A priority is also the protection of the domestic market and  producers and extension of the deadline for carrying out activities based on the licence of entrepreneur till 31 December 2022,” the Socialists’ leader noted.

Also, the PSRM MPs will propose amendment of the Criminal Code concerning the sanctions against electoral employees for electoral frauds. The demand comes in the context of the forthcoming parliamentary polls due in 2018.

The PSRM faction in parliament is made up of 24 lawmakers.



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