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Breaking news13 September 2017 13:30

Legislative initiatives proposed by President Dodon

If a person dies one or two years before retirement, his family will be able to collect the pension during five years. This is stipulated in a legislative initiative proposed by the presidential administration. In a press briefing on September 13, President Igor Dodon presented a series of proposals that will be registered for being examined in the new parliamentary session, IPN reports.

One of the initiatives provides for the repealing of the law whereby the retirement age limit was raised. Igor Dodon said not many people in Moldova reach retirement to enjoy a pension. Under another legislative initiative, pensions will be indexed twice a year. The President also suggests increasing the salaries of auxiliary technical personnel in state institutions.

Another initiative envisions the introduction of a zero tax on incomes reinvested by legal entities in the budgetary-fiscal policy for 2018. President Dodon said this proposal will stimulate foreign investment in the economy and the fighting of the underground economy. Igor Dodon also suggests instituting a VAT of 20% in agriculture and refunding this to farmers in the form of subsidies during five days.

Under another proposal, a tax rate of 36% will be imposed on the revenues earned by commercial banks from the difference in exchange rates. “They play with the exchange rate at our expense, speculate, increase prices and should pay taxes to the state on the gain,” said Igor Dodon.

A program intended for young families, which is promoted by the presidential administration, envisions the provision of home loans repayable in 20 years, at an annual interest rate of up to 5%, under state guarantees. “I will address the foreign partners to find financial resources for the purpose so as to offer the young people a possibility and an additional motivation to remain in the country,” stated the President.

Igor Dodon referred also to the presentation of the draft state budget laws for consideration with delay. A legislative initiative he put forward provides that these draft laws should be examined by the Government by June 1 and by Parliament by October 15. If the time limits are not respected, the Government should be dismissed.



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