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Breaking news12 September 2017 12:05

Democratic party of Moldova launches sociological study on government reform

The Democratic Party of Moldova (PDM) launched a sociological study on government reform. Democrat leader Vlad Plahotniuc made the statement today.

Plahotniuc said that sociological research will allow authorities to see how the citizen perceives the work of the reformed government and to determine the mistakes in the system.

“The purpose of government reform is to make state institutions more efficient, and the survey will come to the authorities’ support”, he said.

He noted he also tackled the issue on feeding children in schools and kindergartens, after having recently got a letter from a group of parents describing how food is delivered to certain schools and kindergartens.

“We had a serious discussion with colleagues about the current food situation, and here I mean both food that is marketed in stores and those delivered to schools, kindergartens, hospitals and other public institutions. It is a sensitive area and we demanded firm action against those who are responsible for the existing problems. We will insist to make order in this area and protect people’s health”, he said.

Another issue considered today at the meeting was related to the situation of the roads in the country. “We have found that there is money for so many years in this area, but the institutions have not been able to find solutions to use them for construction or rehabilitation of roads. The government is to come up with an analysis over the next few days on solutions that would allow using our external funds for roads and to quickly begin road reconstruction works. In some situations, it might be necessary to dismiss certain people”, he concluded.



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