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Breaking news12 September 2017 13:09

War veterans call on citizens to join September 17 protest

War veterans call upon the country’s people to support the protest spirit and to take an active part in the protest that will be mounted in front of the Parliament Building on September 17. In a news conference at IPN, the veterans said the citizens should state their wish, should fight against the oligarchic regime established by the current political class and should firmly plead for the values of an authentic state with the rule of law.

“The Republic of Moldova, for whose future we struggled in the Nistru war, today goes through a very difficult period that witnesses a profound crisis in all the key areas. The current political class made the people return a twice larger sum than the one that was stolen from the banking system, defied the recommendations of the Venice Commission and the development partners, endangered the macro-financial assistance from the EU, fully captured justice, brought the people to complete poverty, drove away hundreds of thousands of people, who went abroad to look for a decent life,” veteran Chiril Motpan, police colonel and deputy chairman of the Political Party “Platform Dignity and Truth”, said, reading the call.

Chiril Motpan noted that both the comrades-in-arms and the other people should make common cause to exert popular pressure on the corrupt and discredited oligarchic government and make this defend the country’s people, democracy and the national objective of European integration. “We call once again on the former colleagues from the police not to allow to be manipulated and engaged in dirty political games and to fulfill their duties in strict compliance with the law and with the oath of allegiance to the homeland and the people,” he stated.

General Anton Gamurari said the current government divided and practically destroyed the veterans’ organization. He noted he does not believe that those who fought with arms in their hands can be near individuals who rob this country. “Our dignity is not sold, either for money or for awards. We protect this land, this country and this people and will not allow these to be betrayed,” stated Anton Gamurari.

The Great National Assembly Council of the Civic Platform “Dignity and Truth” intends to mount a protest in front of the Parliament Building in Chisinau on September 17. According to members of the Council, the ruling regime is preoccupied with the own interests and amends the legislation as it wants and pushes the country towards unprecedented isolation. After the protest, the participants will go on a march to the public TV channel Moldova 1, which they accuse of hampering the opposition’s access to televised debates. The protest was scheduled to start at midday.



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