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Breaking news5 September 2017 15:04

PSRM calls on people to get ready for protest

The Party of Socialists (PSRM) expresses its support for the policy pursued by President Igor Dodon with a view to restoring the strategic partnership with the Russian Federation, of having mutually advantageous relations with the West, of strengthening statehood and improving the socioeconomic situation in the country. In a statement, the Political Executive Committee of the PSRM, which held a meeting on September 5, says the party calls on the supporters of Moldova’s statehood to combine forces and to put up resistance to the current government. The PSRM also calls upon the people to get ready for a large-scale protest, including for an eventual Great National Assembly.

“The Political Executive Committee of the PSRM notes that the socioeconomic situation in the country continues to worsen significantly. Instead of solving the daily problems of the Moldovan people, the parliamentary majority and the government deliberately continue to deteriorate the political situation in the country. We are sure that this happens also at the request of the Western patrons of the Democratic Party, all its satellites and the nongovernmental sector that is under its control, puppet analysts and pseudo-experts,” says the statement.

This also says that the number of persons who cannot afford bare essentials increases daily. “The number of people who live below the poverty line continues to rise. These now total over 1 million. After three years of implementation of the Association Agreement with the European Union, the Moldovan people became much poorer, while the social genocide continues”.

According to the PSRM, in the absence of minimal results in the economy and the social sector, the government and the parliamentary alliance more often stage political provocations that refer mainly to Moldova’s strategic partner, the Russian Federation, even if the relations between the two states have normalized owing to the efforts made by the President.

“The expulsion of Russian diplomats, entry bans on Russian journalists and officials, declaring of the chairman of the Moldovan-Russian intergovernmental commission persona non-grata and blocking of the commission’s work, refusal to take part in the activity of the CIS bodies, attempts to ban Russian TV channels, provocative actions against Transnistria amid the attempts to settle the conflict, aggressive rhetoric with respect to the TV channels controlled by Russia, demonstrative flirting with NATO – these are all nothing but an attempt to fully interrupt the relations with Russia, to cause repression measures that will affect not Plahotniuc or the Democratic Party, but the Moldovan people, companies and the country in general,” reads the statement.

In another development, the Political Executive Committee of the PSRM says the party insists on the necessity of annulling the Association Agreement with the EU. It considers that this is its political task and a commitment before the voters. According to the Socialists, the Eurasian integration is now the only solution that can ensure the socioeconomic development of Moldova.



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