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Breaking news16 March 2017 12:15

Democrats’ bill contains shortcomings, PAS-PLDM-PPPDA

The bill concerning the election of MPs by uninominal constituencies that was proposed by the Democrats violates the basic human rights, defies the democratic process and even common sense. Moreover, the bill contains a series of legislative and conceptual shortcomings. Such conclusions were included in a joint statement signed by the leaders of the Liberal Democratic Party (PLDM), the Party “Action and Solidarity” (PAS) and the Political Party “Platform Dignity and Truth” (PPPDA). In a news conference at IPN, these said the Democrats’ initiative has nothing to do with the pretended consolidation of the democratic process. On the contrary, the uninominal system would enable to concentrate the power in the hands of one person and his criminal group, even if the voters detest him.

“The establishment of uninominal constituencies is the most important instrument on which the PDM banks in the manipulation of the electoral process for remaining in power. The empowerment of the Central Election Commission, which is politically controlled and was fully discredited in the previous elections, to establish constituencies confirm the intentions of the bill authors to rig the election. In its appraisal of the previous bill, the Venice Commission had objections to the assignment of this task to the CEC,” said the PAS leader Maia Sandu, reading the joint statement.

The signatories said the arbitrary modification of the rules of the game only three months before the elections, envisioned by this bill, is against the Venice Commission’s standards and confirms the authors’ dishonest intentions. According to them, the possibility of reviewing the constituencies three months before the elections reveals the government’s plans to remodel these on the last 100 meters.

“The bill provides that the candidates for MP will have to present records of integrity. As such records are released by the National Anticorruption Centre and the Security and Intelligence Service, which are controlled by the PDM, we will witness the issuing of integrity certificates to personages from the underworld. In practical terms, the Democratic Party will decide who can take part in elections and who cannot. In the conditions proposed by the PDM, the Republic of Moldova risks having a government chosen by a low number of people as the vote of the majority will be ignored, while the diaspora will be excluded from the electoral process and humiliated by procedures instituted at the discretion of an irremediably discredited central commission,” says the joint statement.

PPPDA leader Andrei Natsase noted that the Democrats, led by Vlad Plahotniuc, actually aim to implement the mixed electoral system, while the bill to introduce the uninominal voting system is just teargas. Trying to simulate a broad political consensus, the Democrats will ultimately accept the mixed electoral system. Moreover, Plahotniuc is trying to corrupt the European functionaries in order to promote the bill.

The chairman of the PLDM Viorel Cibotaru stated that the three parties will sensitize the international public opinion and the foreign partners to the danger of sustainable dictatorship being established in Moldova. According to him, the European institutions and embassies working in Chisinau will be informed about the government’s intention to substantiate this anti-people initiative by illegal ways.

The signatories of the statement said that if the regime ignores the opinions of national and foreign experts, neglects the European electoral standards and good practices and continues to promote Plahotniuc’s bill despite the lack of a national consensus, they are determined to mount protests.



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