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Breaking news15 March 2017 11:29

People’s Will party announces position on initiative to modify electoral system

The initiative group for the creation of the People’s Will party does not support the Democratic Party’s initiative to introduce the uninominal voting system for the parliamentary elections. According to Artur Cebanas, member of the initiative group, the uninominal voting system does not equitably represent all the categories of voters, while the party that launched the initiative enjoys a low level of credibility in society and by this initiative tries to keep power. The statement was made in a news conference at IPN.

“The uninominal system is not as perfect as the Democratic Party presents it. It’s clear that the party with the lowest credibility level in society is making effort to remain in power. If the launched proposal hadn’t brought advantages to its author, this would have never suggested it,” stated Artur Cebanas.

The members of the initiative group for the creation of the People’s Will party said they carried out a political-legal appraisal of the bill that was registered in Parliament and established that the uninominal system does not represent the people and parties in Parliament and this will generate political conflicts. The bill does not bring clarity as regards the procedure for establishing the place of stay of Moldovans aboard for registering them for participation in elections. It is not clear how the uninominal constituencies will be created in Transnistria, etc.

Initiative group member Nicolae Garbu said the proposal to modify the electoral system should be put to the vote in a referendum.

The initiative to found the People’s Will party was presented on March 9. This will be a center-right party.


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