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Breaking news9 March 2017 12:15

Initiative group announces creation of People’s Will party

An initiative group has announced the foundation of a new political party in Moldova. The People’s Will is a center-right party that will be different from the other parties by real internal democracy. It will pursue the goal of restoring the people’s confidence in the political parties and state institutions, initiative group member Nicolae Garbu stated in a news conference at IPN.

According to Nicolae Garbu, the new party is needed in Moldova as most of the people do not have confidence in the existing parties and in state institutions. “Fear prevails in society and there is no political freedom. The People’s Will political party will represent the interests of all the people based on the principle of national unity, regardless of the ethnical origins and geopolitical views of the people,” stated Nicolae Garbu. He also said that the new political party will change the life of the deprived and humble people, who want to stay home and have a decent life here,” he stated.

Among the objectives of the new party are to free the state from captivity, to create and develop the middle class and to facilitate the development of small and medium-sized businesses.

Initiative group member Stefan Uratu, ex-member of the Central Election Commission, said the new party will become a democracy school and will run in the parliamentary elections of 2018.

Vitalie Stanciu, a member of the initiative group from Comrat, considers the new party can become an instrument for bringing closer people from different regions of the country. “Our goal is to unite so that our children do not leave and we have a future here, at home,” he stated.

The party’s program is being worked out. The associated costs are covered by the initiative group and sympathizers. When this is registered, the party will work based on dues, contributions and donations, said another initiative group member Artur Cebanas.

On March 14, the members of the initiative group will give a news conference where they will pronounce on the Democratic Party’s initiative to amend the electoral system by introducing uninominal voting.


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